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Lightweight concrete floor systems

For over 25 years, Pro-Crete Systems has been installing high quality engineered products in the roofing, flooring, waterproofing and geotechnical fields. The lighter the concrete, the greater are the differences to be accounted for in the properties of the concrete. Speedfloor is a suspended concrete floor system that uses a rollformed steel joist as an integral part of the finished concrete and steel composite floor. Our Sub-Six profiles and our Flat Lightweight 720 lbs. TN331_ACI_floor_design_040509 ACI-318-08 CODE REQUIREMENTS FOR DESIGN OF CONCRETE FLOOR SYSTEMS1 This Technical Note details the requirements of ACI318 -08 for design of concrete floor systems, with emphasis on post-tensioning and their implementation in the ADAPT Builder Platform programs. The light-weight concrete density is less because lightweight coarse aggregates and sometimes lightweight fine aggregates are used, which make the concrete weigh less. INEX> FLOOR is a high strength lightweight internal or external flooring sheet with tongue and grooved (T&G) edges for a neat secure surface.

Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Decks are high-performance roof insulation systems that reduce roof maintenance and replacement costs. Concrete Overlays: Resurfacing Concrete with a Fresh New Look. If you’re looking to install concrete over a subfloor supported by joists, you’ll need a structural engineer to determine if your floor can stand the weight. Lightweight structural concrete is actually so because of the aggregate, and not the cement. Composite Floor Decking; Custom Bent Flashing; Insulation Systems; Lightweight Concrete; Purlins / Hat channels; Sealants; Soffit Panels; Waterproofing Systems; GGI Windows and Doors. ConDeck roof decks are recognized by leading roofing manufacturers as a preferable substrate for most roofing applications.

New composite systems are developed with the aid of high-tech digital fabrication systems and the direct exchange between architects and manufacturers to ensure design integrity. Although Lightweight Concrete was the standby product for floor underlayments 30 years ago, it also came with a host of issues. Concrete walls using lightweight aggregate maintain between 90-100% of their original compressive strength at tem- With newer construction, light weight concrete systems are designed right in as they lower building cost and increase build completion time. 9. Divisions We have five divisions: Cellular Concrete, Geofoam, Insulated Concrete Roofing Systems, Underlayment Systems (Gypsum, Soundmat, Floor Leveling), and Fireproofing. 000 or 2.

This updated edition reflects the current standards on floor slab construction that are found in ACI 302. With the Suspended Light Weight Concrete floor installation, PEX tubing is snapped into Lift Clips laid on plywood above joists and then a top layer of light weight concrete is applied. The insulating lightweight concretes may be INEX FLOOR. Larger structural steel members are set on weld plates or bolt plates set into the bond beam. Lightweight Floating Floor Systems Dry System Floating Slabs Where it is not possible or realistic to create a floating slab with concrete or screed, or where build-up heights are constrained, Farrat’s Lightweight Floating Floor System can still provide a high degree of noise and vibration isolation. Geofill Cellular Concrete products are lightweight materials specifically designed to provide engineers and contractors with a range of low density solutions for any number of geotechnical and construction projects.

This innovative approach allows for the lightweight insulating concrete Installation of hollowcore flooring units from Milbank Concrete Products on behalf of Tec Construction Ltd for Carebase Ltd. Falls create flow paths to direct the drainage of rain-water away from the roof to suitable discharge points. Types of Installation. Lightweight concrete can be classed according to its unit weight or density, which normally ranges from 320 to 1920 kg/m 3, according to the ACI Committee 213 Guide for Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (ACI 213, 2001). The Lightweight Cellular Concrete Solution. Most gypcrete products cure much more quickly than conventional concrete, which takes up to 28 days to cure unless a cure accelerant is used.

Ultra Quiet Floors, Inc. The mixes may be used for floor or roof toppings and have great benefits in terms of strength, durability, impact resistance and low weight. Applications for Cellular Lightweight Concrete. Standing the test of time since 1972, Gyp-Crete makes for safer, quieter living, and has become a standard in apartments, condominiums, townhomes, hotels and motels nationwide and abroad. profiles are a fraction of the weight of our conventional roof tiles and are perfect for re-roof projects. Typically, the dry density of cellular concrete will vary between 25 and 100 pcf with strengths ranging from 50 psi to 1000 psi.

When a major hotel chain asked Modular Steel Systems in Bloomburg, PA, to build their latest project, the builder turned to USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) is batched on-site and used to encapsulate expanded polystyrene insulation to provide permanent roof insulation and slope-to-drain. AAC floor systems bear directly on top of AAC walls. C mS a® wl t systems, and including lightweight steel framing, structural steel, masonry or poured concrete, insulated concrete forms or AAC-concrete light weight precast composite floor slab. Systems over galvanized steel form units meet the criteria for UL Class 90 Wind Uplift Resistance as well as FM I-60 and I‑90. It can be stamped, colored, stenciled, engraved, and more.

Lightweight concrete mixture is made with a lightweight coarse aggregate and sometimes a portion or entire fine aggregates may be lightweight instead of normal aggregates. The joist is manufactured in Australia from pre-galvanised high strength steel in a one pass roll-forming machine giving a high degree of accuracy at a fast production rate. 5 inches (38 mm), is a common way of increasing the floor mass. Gypsum Underlayment Repair. Concrete construction by Cellcrete Decks, a Sound conditioned floors structural & lightweight concrete company that is locally owned and has grown to be the premiere contractor and supplier of a complete range of concrete products Gyp-Crete ® Floor Underlayment is one of the most efficient fire and sound control products available for multifamily construction. Lightweight concrete is a collective term for different types of concrete which are all characterized by a low specific weight.

Composite floor systems. Lightweight Concrete Roof Tile EagleLite® is our lightweight, fire safe roof tile that is available* in our most established profiles and colors. Demonstration of Lightweight Concrete Construction System distributed by CCT of NC, LLC. Sound Control Systems. 3" composite floor deck is the deepest and most structurally sound concrete floor panel available. Founded in 1965, family-owned Cell-Crete has led the way in innovation and customer satisfaction in poured or pumped lightweight cellular concrete and other underlayments.

GYP-SPAN® Radiant is a gypsum concrete floor underlayment designed specifically for use over radiant heating systems. The pumice provides both in-built insulation and a 40% weight reduction compared to standard precast concrete. Cold Formed Steel C-Shape Floor Joists combined with USG's Structo-Crete non-combustible floor sheathing gives you a 100% non-combustible floor system that feels like a concrete floor without the need to pour concrete. From the original Gyp-Crete floor underlayment, the Maxxon line has expanded to include five gypsum underlayments, one self-leveling underlayment, one low-density fill, seven encapsulated sound control mats, one topical sound control mat, and a myriad of support products. Let us show more installation guidelines and procedures for this floor type. However, in composite slabs, the design is most often governed by the flexural strength.

Insulated Concrete Forms for Floors, Roofs and Elevated Buildings. The support slab must be capable of carrying loads at bearing locations; back propping may be needed underneath the slab. Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Roof Decks. It encases the hot water tubes or electrical cables without air bubbles, creating a superior thermal mass that provides uniform heat transfer. The lightweight aggregates used are usually expanded shale, clay, or slate materials that have been fired in a rotary kiln to give them a porous structure, similar to volcanic rock. In an ever changing industry, Builders, Architects, and Home Owners can rest assured that AUS Decking, Inc.

AAC is available in a variety of forms ranging from wall, floor and roof panels, to blocks and lintels. But lightweight and fire-resistant, the material would soon become the new standard for multi-family residences, commercial buildings, and large homes. Steel deck panels are supplied with both galvanized and painted finishes to meet an array of project finish requirements. Included in the concrete is some light welded mesh reinforcement which acts to control cracking, to resist longitudinal shear and, in the case of fire, to act as tensile reinforcement. 14, whereby the lightweight concrete slab and lightweight partition walls aim for weight reduction while composite slim floor design helps to increase the available headroom in a module. Contaminants or curing compounds should be mechanically removed before installation.

The lightweight concrete is then poured over the EPS on the following day. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of lightweight concrete. A composite floor can be con-structed using a 3 inch (75 mm) concrete fill poured Spalled, rough, old slabs may be capped for a floor that's like new. The most common method of installing radiant heat in wood framed construction is to staple the radiant heat tubing on top of a plywood or OSB subfloor and pour Gypsum Concrete over the tubing at 1-1/2” thick (measured from the subfloor). BuildDeck Floor and Roof Decking System. Waterproof Deck Systems.

SPEEDFLOOR, the unique suspended concrete flooring system, is an innovation to the building industry! So quick and easy to install, SPEEDFLOOR is a lightweight, cost-effective system that's perfect for multi-storied buildings and parking garages. Common reinforced concrete floor systems include post-tensioned slabs, one-way pan-joists, hollow core planks, one-way flat plate slabs, and two-way flat plate slabs. 500 […] Alternate Method: If plans and contract documents contain no specification for minimum compressive strength of concrete at the time of formwork and shoring removal, ACI 347, Section 3. Leveling Concrete Floors with a Colored Overlay. Numerous construction companies developed such floor systems, which included hollow core slabs and beam-and-block floor systems, or systems that combined prefab and cast in situ elements. Systems complying with these requirements include an "XR" design prefix.

A 75mm thick, reinforced lightweight concrete flooring. 1—Thermal conductivity of oven-dry lightweight concrete, mortar, and brick* Thermal conductivity, Btu/h ⋅ ft2 ⋅ (°F/in. This Technical Note reviews the levels of acceptable deflections and the currently available methods for their estimate. LEWIS Dovetailed sheets are the original rolled dovetailed steel sheets used for shuttering and reinforcing thin lightweight concrete floors on wooden, steel or other bearing constructions. , Inc. Spancrete knows precast.

Depending on the formulation, the compressive strength of regular concrete according to DIN 1045 can be achieved. The patented system cleverly utilizes steel, concrete and insulation as structural components for floor and wall framing. The foam is introduced into a cement mixer and displaces aggregates and increases the volume of the concrete without adding weight, which creates lightweight concrete. Fire rated assemblies complying with Underwriters Laboratories Design No. Geofoam. Concrete Flooring: Self-Leveling Overlays.

Tennesee LEVELROCK MidSouth Carolina Floor Systems Kmac K Mack K G and P G&P Virginia South East PDF | This study presents an evaluation of acoustic performance of lightweight concrete with EVA waste to reduce impact noise on floors. It has oven dry density not exceeding 2000 kg/m3, but can be as low as 800 kg/m3 depending on the materials used. There is a wide range of applications for lightweight concrete. 7 provides guidelines pertaining to one-way floor slabs and the removal of shoring. For Nevada Gypsum Flooring, it all started with a small pump and pickup truck, but quickly evolved into a full-fledged business. We are located in the High Point, North Carolina area.

Three types of concrete with three different mix Austral's Transfloor is a revolutionary, cost effective precast concrete flooring system which uses a combination of precast steel reinforced concrete panels and a poured in-situ topping as a Appropriate Applications for Lightweight Concrete. Cement Based Self Levelers. provides lightweight insulating concrete systems for roof decks, engineered fill applications and floor fill installations. Suspended Flooring System Speedfloor is a suspended concrete flooring system using rollformed steel joist as an integral part of the final concrete and steel composite floor. Download Formwork for Modern, Efficient Concrete Construction Various Types of In-situ Concrete Floor Systems There are many concrete floor systems from which the designer can select an economical and technically satisfactory solution. Floortech Flooring Systems is a supplier of flooring solutions to the multi-storey housing and unit development segments in Perth Western Australia.

It is also possible to suspend services from the soffit of a composite slab, using anchors that are designed to slot into the decking profile. Roof Repairs; Roof Installation; Retrofit/Reroofing; Lightweight Concrete Insulation and Screeds; On Site Roll Forming tential of lightweight concrete used as insulating fill for floors and roofs. Modern architectural trends and requirements for comfort and durability place tremendous demands on building structures. Structural lightweight concrete mixtures can be designed to achieve Sound Performance of Trus Joist ® Fire-rated Floor Assemblies. You can get back to managing your infrastructure, and your team can get back to work! The Concrete Raised Flooring Panels are made of galvanized steel and filled with lightweight cement giving them core strength while providing superior stability, rigidity, and durability offering a 1,250 lbs static load and up to a 6,000 lbs ultimate load rating. CORCON taken from “ CORrugated CONcrete ” is an innovative long-span re-useable lightweight sheet-metal formwork system, revolutionising the construction of suspended flooring.

It is lightweight, easily installed over solid subfloor or concrete and is only 3/4" thick for the 3/8" tubing or 1" thick for the 1/2" tubing. 2. It has a core of Portland cement and expanded polystyrene bead aggregate, sandwiched between non-asbestos, fibre cement facings. Building Structures for over 70 years. Joist construction is most often produced by using metal pans that form the void spaces between joists. This CIP focuses on structural lightweight concrete.

Floor Leveling. The slab underside must be insulated. COMSLAB® is a combination of deep steel decking and a concrete cover slab that have cured together and bonded structurally as one element. galvanized metal edging. Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to the floor or to panels in the wall or ceiling of a house. For the second story a foamed type of lightweight concrete is being used over plywood for sound absorption between floors.

CONCRETE FILLED RAISED ACCESS FLOORING SYSTEM Steel Surface Hollow Steel Formed Well Lightweight Cement FLOOR UNDERSTRUCTURE Concrete Filled Raised Floor Systems are available with Bolted Stringer and Corner Lock Understructure Systems which can accommodate floor heights as low 3" and as high as 30". INTEGRA Flooring System offers the flexibility to meet these demands in a cost effective manner. 75 reduction factor for lightweight concrete shear capacity. Each must understand its responsibility for successful placing and finishing of high-quality lightweight concrete slabs. ) costs more to produce than traditional concrete, but it can save contractors more money in the long term. It’s specially designed for use in hotels, multi story residential buildings, long-term care facilities, multi family residential units, schools and/or of i c e bu ldngs.

There are a number of different construction systems which are typically put into three categories – lightweight, such as timber or light steel-framed construction systems, medium provides premier Gyp-Crete, sound-mat, concrete, waterproofing, and deck repair services that are guaranteed to meet customer’s satisfaction. 1. 500 kg/m³ for ‘ordinary’ concrete to approx. Their BuildZoom score of 93 ranks in the top 27% of 336,931 California licensed contractors. The BuildDeck Floor & Roofing Decking System is a lightweight, stay-in-place Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and used to construct a solid monolithic insulating concrete floor and/or roof decking system. Gypsum Underlayments.

Similar precast concrete systems that were in use during the Key Advantages of ICF Floor Panel Systems for Forming Insulated Concrete Floors & Roofs . AERCON AAC is the leading manufacturer of Precast Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products and prides itself on maintaining the highest level of customer service and support. . When used as a floor fill, sand and Roof and Floor Deck Systems 2" Metal-Edge Tongue & Groove Plank Metal-edge tounge & groove plank is a lightweight (12 psf) precast concrete plank produced in a standard 1'-6"x10'x2" size with a cold-rolled 22 ga. Roof Systems. Safe access has to be provided.

In LAF’s case lightweight concrete toppings are predominantly blends of vermiculite aggregates mixed with cements of various grades (depending on the use). Mid South Floor Systems utilizes both gypsum based and Portland cement-based underlayments to match your project specification and budget. One of the primary benefits to polyaspartic coatings is the material’s versatility. ADVANCED CONCRETE SYSTEMS LLC covers TN, KY, AL, GA, IN and OH. Placing and finishing lightweight concrete can be a tricky and risky task. BTL Lightweight Concrete Solutions Ltd is a company using a time proven system for the onsite production of customised lightweight concrete.

2 Types of lightweight concrete. A look at traditional and new precast floor systems Lightweight suspended concrete floor systems are competitive in cost with timber and steel framed floors, and can reduce site impacts where a slab floor is preferable to a lightweight floor. A long Span Composite Floor System offering performance, improved schedule and cost effectiveness. specializes in residential, multi-family and commercial floor solutions. Lightweight, insulated EPS ICF forms for suspended concrete floors are being seen more regularly as ICF companies are expanding their product lines to provide one-stop shopping for both wall and ICF floor systems. Slab Finishing Sequence Drying Times The 10 cm thick concrete slabs were apparently a lightweight form of concrete typically used in high-rises.

Success requires teamwork from the owner, architect/engineer, general contractor, ready-mix producer, and concrete contractor. Litecrete lightweight precast concrete is manufactured using local pumice aggregate. lightweight concrete or foamed concrete is a special concrete which can very useful in the construction sector because it is very . Describe timber-concrete composite floor systems and their use in modern mass timber buildings. LWIC is superior to other rigid roof insulations. Concrete Overlays Home Get the Look - Interior Overlay Pictures When to Use a Polymer Overlay Comparison Chart of Overlay Systems: Which is best for your project? Five Factors to Consider when Choosing a Resurfacing System floor design guide in order to integrate current design standards with proper construction practices and the selection of suitable materials.

The materials they used varied, from lightweight concrete, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, and ceramics, to combinations of these. Composite shear values over galvanized steel deck in excess of 1,500 PLF are achievable. Product Description To assist designers with specifying the correct Lightweight Cellular Concrete. cast concrete beam, or bear directly on either precast concrete girders or steel beams. Primarily designed as a substrate material, however INEX> FLOOR’s smooth surface can and has been adopted as a floor finish in itself to deliver a polished concrete floor like appearance. The term 'construction system' refers to the way a home is built – that is, the materials and methods used to construct its foundations, floor, walls, and roof.

It may be defined as the concrete of substantially lower unit weight than that made from gravel or crushed stone. About 32% of these are board making machinery, 19% are sandwich panels, and 2% are building blocks. More than just a basic construction material, concrete can be used as an aesthetic enhancement for most surfaces. Reinforced concrete has a wide variety of uses and is a common material for structural floor systems. 3. The reduced density is achieved by adding specific ingredients to the mixture or by means of special production techniques, resulting in a weight decrease from 2.

Our hollowcore floors (also known as slabs or planks) are pre-stressed concrete units with tubular voids extending the full length of the slab, creating an efficient lightweight unit. Insitu concrete ground floor slab; Litecrete precast external and internal walls; Litecrete precast mid-floor panels; Litecrete precast roof panels Lightweight Insulating Concrete: The lightweight insulating concrete roof insulation system - one of the core solutions offered by Joseph Miorelli & Co. Fire-resistance designs for protecting structural members subject to petrochemical exposure fires are investigated to ANSI/UL 1709, "Rapid Rise Fire Tests of Protection Materials for Structural Steel," and are covered under Fire-resistance Ratings - ANSI/UL 1709 . The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) points out that carpet, ceramic tile, lightweight concrete, and similar floor coverings may increase the danger to firefighters because they add weight to the floor system and because the insulation these materials provide may cause the floor to not feel warm, despite the fire The use of lightweight concrete dates back to as early as the eighteenth century, and as advances in building and construction technology have increased, so has the use of lightweight concrete as the benefits of lighter dead load concrete have become apparent. High carbon ash, recycled aluminum waste and zeolite powders are additional mechanical structures suitable in the production of cellular lightweight concrete. Cellucrete Corp.

We can cover or replace lightweight concrete from old projects, insurance claims, or just bring a sub-floor back to the condition needed for a new finished floor. The floors were the only major part of these mostly steel buildings that contained concrete. STRUCTURAL LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE. Serving all of Northern California we offer superior workmanship at competitive prices. Cellular lightweight concrete is a one-size-fits-most solution, making foundations and ground studier, more durable, and able to bear greater loads. Unfortunately, higher R-value is precisely what you don’t want when selecting a slab material for a heated floor slab.

Radiant Heat Thermal Mass Benefits of Gypsum Concrete. D916 for a two hour fire rated assembly were constructed to compare normal weight and lightweight concrete 2. Floor Levelling Systems lightweight concrete can significantly improve the fire resistance of concrete walls as can be observed from the reduced thickness required for the same fire rating compared to concrete with normal weight aggregate. is up to date with the latest requirements of application and safety guidelines. Floor systems must be designed to attenuate sound, reducing noise transmission through GUIDE TO THERMAL PROPERTIES OF CONCRETE AND MASONRY SYSTEMS 122R-3 Table 2. concrete thickness are varied depending on the span, imposed loads and other functional considerations.

A. This article is re s t r icted pri m a r ily to the thermal insu-lation qualities of lightweight concre t e s , although many of these concretes serve capably for other insulation p u r p o s e s. OVERVIEW . Obviously, concrete is heavy. Acoustical Concrete Floor Systems Inc, Camarillo, CA (Employees: Brian Andrew Batelaan, Bruce Alan Batelaan, and William Joy Batelaan) holds a Concrete license and 1 other license according to the California license board. Recently, new decorative floor coating applications such as dye and seal and metallic floor coating systems Our lightweight composite and non composite steel deck profiles have depths that range from 7⁄ 8" to 71⁄ 2".

E degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. Flatline Floors® prides itself on providing the finest quality Cementitious Floor Underlayments for radiant heat, floor leveling, concrete floor resurfacing, fireproofing & sound reduction, as well as installation of moisture mitigation systems. Composite steel deck floors consist of a profiled steel deck with a concrete topping. In fact, we’ve completed more than 4,500 precast concrete construction projects from schools to stadiums in the last 10 years alone. Being a specialist in the floor underlayment business, CFT offers a wide range of products that can provide a high strength, fire resistant, sound insulating underlayment with a monolithic surface, which is good to accept any type of floor covering. 3.

The systems depend largely on radiant heat transfer -- the delivery of heat directly from the hot surface to the people and objects in the room via infrared radiation. ), at oven-dry density in lb/ft3† Material, type of aggregate in concrete or data source Density 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 Typically, the dry density of cellular concrete will vary between 25 and 100 pcf with strengths ranging from 50 psi to 1000 psi. S. Floors in steel frame buildings (lightweight concrete on fire-rated steel deck assemblies) Concrete frame buildings & parking structures (all types, including post-tensioned floor systems) Bridge decks, piers & AASHTO girders; Specified density concrete STYROPANEL is a lightweight concrete panel. Floor framing is attached with standard ledgers anchored to the side of the AAC assembly adjacent to a bond beam. Fast-installed joining techniques stc rating, iic rating, concrete structural deck.

Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete is available in four mix designs: ZIC, NVS, Insulcel, and Zonocel. Standard solid color industrial floor coatings, Seamless Flake and Monolithic Quartz flooring systems are common polyaspartic concrete coating systems. Structural lightweight concrete gets its reduced weight from Poraver® and it is used for components and wall and floor elements. With the addition of Quality Controlled Floor Systems, we have been able to add many new services including: gypsum concrete (gypcrete), elevated concrete, high strength floor leveling products, segmented retaining walls, decorative concrete and elevated waterproofing. The F&A System included filler blocks that could be either placed flush with the bottom of the joist or recessed at the same level as the bearing ledge of the joist. Proven Technology Lightweight concrete flooring systems are a These issues can be resolved by implementing the composite lightweight modular unit as shown in Fig.

Speedfloor is a suspended concrete floor system using a cold formed steel joist as an integral part of the final concrete and steel composite floor. Underlayment Systems (Gypsum, Soundmat, Floor Leveling) Fireproofing. Steel deck & composite metal flooring systems Besides the LEWIS dovetailed sheeting, REPPEL has 3 unique metal decking floor systems, which provide the solution in a wide range of applications for new buildings renovations and conversions. Other considerations. Structo-Crete structural concrete panels are 4' x 8' x 3/4" thick and weigh approximately 5. Structural lightweight concrete has an in-place density (unit weight) on the order of 90 to 115 lb / ft³ (1440 to 1840 kg/m³ Solid lightweight concrete floor system fc3 chile astroza 1 flat plate voided concrete slab system imposing precast concrete flooring systems on floor with in construction 1 achieve design objectives imposing precast concrete flooring systems on floor with in construction 1.

Options to Cover Concrete Floor Surfaces. FORTECO Lightweight Composite Framing is a revolutionary new building system for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential structures. Chaipanich, P. All three types of radiant floor heat (air, electric, hot water) can be further subdivided by the type of installation: Those that make use of the large thermal mass of a concrete slab floor or lightweight concrete over a wooden subfloor (these are called “wet installations”) LIGHTWEIGHT SCREED. Its density and exact composition remain unknown, but such lightweight concrete is typically 60% as dense as concrete used in roads and sidewalks. ACI 318-08 requires a 0.

LIMITATIONS: LIGHTWEIGHT ROOF DECK CONCRETE is not generally used for structural purposes. A wide variety of lightweight concrete panels options are available to you, such as eps sandwich panels, decorative concrete blocks, and polyurethane sandwich panels. Our Work. LEWIS represents a reliable professional floor solution in new builds and renovations. The millions of air cells in the lightweight aggregate are what make this possible. Test results (see the sidebar “Load Testing of Precast Concrete Plank”) compare the system’s greater strength and durability compared with other building materials.

Concrete Deck Systems. BEHAVIOUR AND DESIGN OF TIMBER-WOOD LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE-COMPOSITE FLOOR SYSTEMS Alireza Fadai1, Christoph Radlherr1 ABSTRACT: With the purpose to optimize structural performance, usability and ecological profiles of wood-based composite systems, the combination of timber products with other conventional building materials and components, The Roth Panel System allows the installation of radiant heating in an existing house as well as in new construction. Once the concrete is hardened, the pans are removed and re-used. Insulated Concrete Roofing Systems. In the final state the ribs in the decking serve as void formers in the slab, thereby reducing the weight of floor construction with the knock-on benefits this can have. The Speedfloor concrete floor system is a proven performer in all types of construction, from steel structures, masonry buildings, poured in-situ or precast concrete panels, to ICF, timber and cold formed steel frame construction.

Steel stud bearing wall systems have been successfully used in buildings from a single floor to seven stories high. in San Diego is a leading decorative concrete contractor for all your residential or commercial needs. constructs a wall and a floor/ceiling utilizing Lightweight concrete floor provides more efficient strength-to-weight ratio in concrete floor systems when compared to other conventional concrete floor systems. If the hardwood floor is going to be floating, a lightweight concrete subfloor might fare better, but it is still not recommended. A lightweight precast concrete sustainable wall enclosure provides thermal efficiency, minimizes waste, increases performance, and streamlines the construction process. Composite floor-ceiling systems fall somewhere in between wood and concrete.

In LWIC applications, the EPS board is set in a slurry coat of lightweight concrete and allowed to set up for up to 24 hours. An internet search of lightweight concrete provides technical data for the density and thermal properties of several lightweight concrete Floor Toppings /Underlayments. Lightweight-concrete fill, which weighs 110 to 115 lbs/cu ft (540 - 560 kg/sq m) and should be poured to a thickness of 1. Ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional construction, INSUL-DECK buildings are not only more comfortable, quieter and super energy efficient, but can also provide safety from hurricane level winds, fire and floods. TN292_Floor_deflection_032109 DEFLECTION OF CONCRETE FLOOR SYSTEMS FOR SERVICEABILITY1 Bijan O Aalami2 Deflection control is a central considerations in serviceability of floor systems. The deep profile allows a deeper and stronger pour of concrete therefore a higher slab depth is necessary, and very thick slabs can be achieved.

A new concrete floor plank system offers many advantages for post-disaster rebuilding efforts. He is now working with the Agartif company in Chihuahua, Mexico (about 170 miles from El Paso Texas). Finishes. Chindaprasirt, in Eco-Efficient Masonry Bricks and Blocks, 2015. Lightweight concrete may be a solution. structurally superior composite floor.

Other systems of forming are also available, using elements of fiber glass reinforced plastic, plastic coated cardboard, or precast lightweight concrete blocks. The system has been developed using advanced rollforming technology and the latest techniques, so that a fast, lightweight, concrete/steel composite floor is available at a cost-effective price. The transmission of sound from one unit to another is an important consideration in the design and construction of multi-family housing, hotels, and mixed-use occupancy applications. 4 n/mm²). - is a sustainable, high-performance roof insulation solution that has gained much popularity in the United States. Find Interior Overlay and Topping Supplies Lightweight concrete (foamed concrete, AAC, etc.

Panel lengths range from 3'-6" to 45'. This results in a cellular, lightweight concrete. The design of lightweight steel framing systems for load bearing buildings, although a very viable and proven alternative, requires an Compact and Lightweight Concrete Grinding. C. Introduction. Soft, deteriorated lightweight concrete can be sealed and poured with 1/4" Level-Right.

Back in 1987, gypsum concrete was still new—very new. 1R-04, Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction. The system has been developed combining modern techniques and rollforming technology for a fast, lightweight, concrete/steel composite floor at a cost effective price. Description STC IIC Sections Test # 2" Topping Slab Precast Concrete 14" Tee: 54 AAC is a lightweight, precast concrete made of all-natural raw materials. References to this document Finish: Comparison of Home Heating Systems. These Lightweight concrete can be specified using the notation LC for the strength class, e.

Lightweight concrete can also be applied as a topping slab over structural concrete decks. Traditionally, concrete floor systems are reinforced using bars, fabric or using high-strength strand which is stressed. The thinner lightweight concrete slab has a reduced flexural capacity, but the capacity is still sufficient to support most commercial occupancy floor loads. Wires are neatly organized under the floor, with a great floor finish on top. These cells may account for up to 80% of the total volumne. Lightweight concrete surfaces must have a tensile strength in excess of 200 psi (1.

Many manufacturers of hardwood floorboards will not honor warranties if the flooring is installed on a lightweight concrete subfloor. It is an economical, environmentally friendly, cellular, structural material that provides thermal and acoustical insulation as well as fire and termite resistance. g LC30/33, which denotes a lightweight concrete with a cylinder strength of 30MPa and a cube strength of 33MPa. Windows; Doors; Our Services. ConDeck Corporation is a certified applicator of numerous Lightweight Insulating Concrete Manufacturers. All of the concrete was designed, batched, and finished as though it was a typical job.

Review the structural design principles and processes associated with timber-concrete composite floor systems. Concrete decking Profiled metal decking with a structural concrete topping for thin floor construction applications. Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. Divine Intervention in Concrete Overlay Design. Lightweight Cellular Concrete, also referred to as foam concrete is produced by the addition of an air-entraining agent or a preformed foam to a slurry of portland cement, fly ash, water, and occasionally, aggregates. Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems combine the unique properties of lightweight insulating concrete and Insulperm premium expanded polystyrene foam insulation board.

of cold formed steel floor-joists or other systems, such as bar joist or concrete slab systems. If you’re putting in new concrete floors on grade, the weight won’t be a concern. Concrete must be free of efflorescence and not subject to moisture beyond the floor covering manufacturers' limits or hydrostatic pressure. Radiant Floor Toppings A lightweight, high performance floor option using our C section steel floor joists and a timber boarding. Demonstrate how timber-concrete composite floor systems can satisfy the structural, serviceability, acoustic and fire requirements of This Litecrete house is the first house in New Zealand where the structure is built entirely from concrete, and lightweight concrete at that. Fernando Martinez Lewels has a M.

An assembly and method for venting a flat or low sloped roof system eliminates the need for a base sheet membrane and fasteners and provides a spaced arrangement of V-grooves formed in the top surface of a new or existing lightweight concrete deck. This lightweight concrete still runs 90-115 pounds per cubic foot, which is still a heavy material. The reduced quantity of concrete and steel reinforcement offsets the marginally higher cost of lightweight concrete floor systems. Question: We are building a 2-story condominium complex with concrete slab-on-grade. We can produce to a range of densities from 300 kg/M³ to 2000 kg/M³ and a range of strengths from 1 MPa to 35 MPa. These modular lightweight systems can be combined with wind-shield systems for a slab-edge protection.

com offers 15,714 lightweight concrete panels products. Radiant heat floors provide an efficient even heat throughout any room. Worldwide supplier of precast suspended concrete flooring for Commercial, Multi-Unit Residential, and Domestic construction applications Lightweight concrete presents a number of benefits to the building industry–lighter weight on a building’s structural load, greater sound absorption, better shock absorption and flexibility, improved insulation values–when compared to standard concrete blends. Please send us information regarding the proper chemical to use to achieve the proper mix Lightweight Concrete The proper design of falls on a flat roof is an essential consideration in the overall drainage of the roof. Each of these floor systems have advantages and disadvantages and Lightweight Plus 3 Bag Concrete Casting Mix (35 lbs) SureCrete’s XS lightweight Plus 3SureCrete’s XS lightweight concrete casting mix is a dual component. GYP-SPAN ® Radiant.

Stucco-type finishes are made specifically for AAC. Watch This Video Before Using Lightweight Concrete As Sound Barrier Between Floors Lightweight concrete might weigh a little less than regular concrete, but it still heavy and can cause damage Assessment of composite steel deck floors with mesh reinforcement. 3 psf. Watch as the crew from Wilkie Construction Company, Inc. ARDEX products are supported by unparalleled technical and field experts Minimise time, cost and risk The job is done right the first time, every time! Alibaba. of the original aquagel in the cell or pore in the concrete.

The primary use of structural lightweight concrete is to reduce the dead load of a concrete structure, which then allows the structural designer to reduce the size of columns, footings and other load bearing elements. Get in Contact WANT TO KNOW HOW WE CAN REPAIR YOUR CONCRETE FLOOR? Learn more. Bolted Stringer Stringerless Corner Lock Floortech flooring procedures offers an innovative as well as superior alternative to traditional suspended concrete foundations. We have multiple gypsum products and sound mats with applications that range from radiant floor heating systems to asbestos encapsulation. Various aggregate recipes use various light (or “lighter”) weight materials to reduce the weight of concrete by as much as 35 to 40%. The panel is thermally efficient; has excellent fire and acoustic ratings and its rapid erection affords STYROPANEL a competitive advantage that is unrivalled.

Find Exterior Concrete Resurfacing Supplies. Netfloor USA Cable Management Access Floor Systems Helps You Manage Your Power Wires and Data Cables. lightweight concrete floor systems

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Lightweight concrete floor systems