Poor Airbnb Customer Service

I live on a one lane, private hillside road with one way in and one way out. The road to the top of the mountain is so steep and sharp with 4 switch backs, a normal fire engine can not make it up. So, we do not have fire service. My neighbor, rents out her house as an Airbnb to large events. These events have included, movie shoots, Chinese New Years, DJ parties, weddings, bachelorette parties and a house party for one of the Arizona Cardinals players. These large events come with multiple cars, Ubers, Lyfts, food delivery, box trucks loading and unloading equipment parking in and alongside of the road with blocking access to homes. If there were ever to be a fire or a medical emergency, it would not end well. With no fire service, Cara’s events have had party goers setting off fireworks and flicking cigarette butts off the balcony. If this wasn’t enough of a public health and safety issue, the loud parties and music all hours of the night along with public urination and littering has been a nightmare. My first instinct was to call Airbnb to alert them of the potential hazard. All Airbnb would do, was to send a message to Cara and Airbnb said they would not be able to contact me back with any response. After this didn’t work and the events continued. I kept calling Airbnb. Each time I called, they said this issue was referred to their legal department and “no worries, they will call me back.” This went on for 2 months. Each time, I insisted to have them transfer me to their legal department. Each time, they said they could not do that. Clearly I was calling to India and the customer service was atrocious.